Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Unwanted hair can be successfully removed from just about anywhere on the face or body. Electrolysis works well for eyebrow, neck, chest, breast, underarm, abdomen, back, bikini line, leg, nape of neck, ear, and yes, even fingers and toes. Unlike laser hair removal treatments, electrolysis works well with all hair colors, as well as all types of skin tones.  It's ideal for the areas where laser hair removal cannot be used, and it permanently solves the random regrowth problem from the laser treatments.

Hair removal by electrolysis was discovered in 1875 by Dr. Charles E. Mitchell, an ophthalmologist, who used a needle together with an electrical current, (known as the Galvanic Method), to treat an ingrown eyelash. Electrolysis has a proven history and has evolved through time to include the latest in equipment and sterilization techniques, which make treatment safer, more comfortable and helps to ensure excellent results.

I am a board certified, licensed electrologist since 1991,  and maintain the highest standards of skill in my practice to ensure the best results for my clients. To keep my knowledge current, I continue to take advanced courses such as, Infection Control & Airborne Infection, Hirsutism, Hormonal Changes, PCOS and other Health Related Issues commonly known to Electrolysis.

After just a few sessions, my clients tell me they are pleased with the results, have a renewed sense of self confidence, and they always remark, "I should have started electrolysis sooner."

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