More about Our Hair Rejuvenation Therapy

What Is a Treatment Like?

The frequency and number of treatments needed will vary based on the extent of your hair loss.   During a treatment you sit under a cold laser unit for approximately  30-60 minutes.  This process is relaxing and many clients look forward to the quiet time while receiving their treatment. 


Is Awaken Appropriate for Men and Women?

Unlike other treatments for hair loss,  Awaken is safe and effective for both men and women.  The science behind our rejuvenating technology operates the same way regardless of age, race, or gender.  Keep in mind that various factors influence whether or not Awaken hair therapy will work for you.  These factors include:

  • How soon you begin treatment after hair loss begins
  • How you respond to the treatment
  • How closely you follow your customized treatment plan

Is Awaken Hair Therapy Expensive?

A cold laser therapy session costs less than going out to dinner or having a massage.  Compared to other hair therapies,  you will find Awaken Therapy the most cost effective.  Your investment in Awaken Cold Laser Therapy represents a smart long term investment decision because you keep the hair you re-grow.