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Hair Restoration & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in NJ

Improve upon nature with Awaken Hair Therapy

Rejuvenate Hair and Skin offers the newest solution for hair regrowth, Cold Laser Therapy, (otherwise known as Low-Level Light Therapy, (LLLT). Our treatment is designed to help you stop or slow down hair loss, and to maximize your hair regrowth results.

We offer the best hair loss solution & hair regrowth treatments in our facility at 47 North Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, NJ. Let us answer your questions and provide a complimentary consultation.

Healthy & Natural Hair Restoration Therapy in NJ

You may have tried expensive lotions, and radical hair replacement techniques or simply ignored your hair loss. This condition can affect your self-esteem, lower your confidence, and shape how the world perceives you. If you are serious about natural hair regrowth, visit our hair restoration clinic in NJ and try our FDA cleared laser hair therapy that provides more than just hope for those who suffer from hair loss.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a combination of visible red light that opens your pores and invisible infrared light that penetrates beyond the skin and reaches the cell structure below.  When delivered at a specific frequency range, light energy has a bio-stimulating effect on the body. This combination stimulates growth at the cellular level, which promotes tissue repair, accelerates blood circulation, and excites cellular division.

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Sound Science & Real Results

You may be thinking that our program sounds too good to be true, and you are smart to be skeptical. However, our hair loss solutions and techniques are cleared by the FDA for hair regrowth. In one U.S. study, 93% of patients with hair loss experienced a significant hair count increase. The science is sound, and the results are real.